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The rise of the legal mashup – engage the user and sell your content! – Lucasfilm offers Starwars snippets for legal mashups via Eyespot.

To my readers from the Music Industry: READ THIS and LEARN!

The WSJ has a good article about Lucasfilm making 250+ short clips available on, tomorrow, for remixing by anyone, using Eyespot. Here are some morsels from the WSJ:

" Working with an easy-to-use editing program from
Eyespot Corp. of San Diego, fans can cut, add to and retool the clips.
Then they can post their creations to blogs or social-networking sites
like MySpace. More clips will come out from time to time over coming

Picture_44In essence, Lucasfilm is going to legitimize and streamline a pastime that has become increasingly popular on the Web…"

Gerd says:  very very very much spot-on. Instead of going after people that want to do this because they love Startrek but don’t have permission, they make the footage available themselves, and in return harvest people’s attention, and PULL them into the fold, make them happy, and sooner or later… you guessed it, sell stuff to them. Kind of a logical move, isn’t it.  Now, music moguls, if George Lucas can do this… maybe you can, too?

"While Lucasfilm could fight what amounts to the theft of its property,
it has now decided to take the opposite tack. In doing so, it is
tackling an issue that faces all media companies today: how to keep
some semblance of control over intellectual property in the digital age…"

Gerd says: that IS precisely the point: you give up some control, hand it over to your users, and get their attention and engagement back, in return. THEN you collect the cash. Just move that toll-booth down a bit.

"We see what’s going on at YouTube," says Jeffrey Ulin, senior director
for distribution and business affairs at Lucasfilm, who says the
company began to think about allowing mash-ups last summer. "We see
what’s going on out there on the Web generally. And we wanted fans to
come to as the center of fan activity."

Gerd says: yes indeed. People do what they do – the key is to invite them to do it WITH YOU and at some location where you can benefit from it. Engage not enrage!

And lastly:

"The mash-up project will come with rules, however. While it won’t stop
anybody from assailing characters or casting them in unexpected lights,
Eyespot has set up a program to make sure none of the doctored clips
contain nudity, pornography, and the like…"

Gerd says: the very definition of what I call ‘Control2.0’: give some, take some, but be a lot less upfront, take-it-or-leave it about it.

A tip: read Mashable every day, and you’ll know what’s coming. Mashing of media will be a major way to engage and pull the users into your offering. Cut back on the control obsession and you will receive attention. sales. revenues. Got it?

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