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Quotes and Recommendations

Please note: the latest endorsements can usually be found on my LinkedIn profile.

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Here are some quotes from my clients:

“Gerd is a whip-smart, top class and professional conference speaker who adds significant value in his area of expertise. His presentations are crafted, personalised and thought-provoking; touching each audience member and forcing them to confront their own attitudes to the future. Book him for your next corporate event.” November 2, 2009 Michael Jackson, Professional Speaker ,

“Gerd’s thought-provoking presentation was the highest rated keynote session at our conference. He incorporated feedback from our planning calls and customized a program that was meaningful and relevant to our audience. I am pleased to offer a personal endorsement of his work.” October 31, 2009 Amber Crowell Kelleher   ACTE

“Gerd Leonhard kept the audience mesmerized with examples of how Web 2.0 was changing the way in which we interact with audiences, whatever our business, and how to harness the power of the Internet to reach them. One of the concepts he preaches is that for any business to truly espouse the value of internet communications, it has to relinquish control of how its brand or products engage the ‘people formerly known as consumers’. He spoke about user-generated content, pull versus push media, new business models for digital content, the culture of participation in media, copyright versus usage right, and the consequences of mass media becoming personal media. The event was attended by CEOs, entrepreneurs, the media and advertisers. In addition to the public presentation, Gerd also found the time to make three customised presentation which focussed on Caribbean/financial perspectives, marketing and pr, and copyright and the future of music in a YouTube world. He dispensed advice freely to any who sought it for their businesses, and there were quite a few of us”  DDB Release from Rostant Advertising/DDB Futurist Event in Trinidad (October 2008)

“We hired Gerd as speaker for our OMD Germany Future / Client Day, May 29, 2008. He talked about the future of advertising and media. The performance couldn’t have been better. The feedback of our guests was great. Gerd perfectly combined his knowledge and expertise with his unique talent to inspire and entertain the audience. The up front coordination went perfect. Feedback on question never took longer than a few hours. He is always looking for conversations and takes as much time as needed. The presentation he held was a tailor-made compilation for our audience. All in all it is very obvious that he has a huge passion for what he is doing. If you need a speaker you have to talk to Gerd!” Boris Cieslar, Omnicom Media Group Germany

“Gerd Leonhard wrote The Future of Music, which basically said that the record business was terminally ill. I read it and thought he was right, so I hired him as a consultant. He’s shaped our thinking. None of us know what the future looks like, so we can invent it, be part of it. Fifty five per cent of the new people we’ve brought in haven’t worked in traditional record companies.” Ged Doherty SonyBMG UK

“I’ve worked with Gerd on a few occasions now and each time have found it a great experience. His level of knowledge, style of delivery and focus on our particular needs was excellent. Highly recommended.” Bruce Robertson, ITV (UK)

“Gerd Leonhard is brilliant at getting the context right, in a world that is overflowing with a variety of content. His views on the future of copyright, music and film distribution and the media in general always open eyes and ears. Sign him up for your conference and you’ll definitely get a wealth of ideas!” Jonathan Marks, Critical Distance, Amsterdam, NL

“What a performance! Your presentation was one of the most persuasive I have yet seen about the benefits of relaxing our approach to the digital media world.” Alison Winham, CEO, AIM, UK.

“Gerd is one of the few people who is able to see clearly beyond the current state of the music industry, experiments in digital music business and squabbling over copyright issues.” Bill Rosenblatt, President, Giant Steps Media Technology Strategies

“We engaged Gerd to make the key note address at the AGM of our trade association – Music Publishers Association. The theme was the past present and future of music publishing – Gerd’s presentation was challenging, exciting, engaging, thought provoking and was extremely well received. I was very impressed by the quality of the preparation and the coruscating powerpoint presentation.” Stephen Navin, CEO Music Publishers Association (UK)

“Gerd is as good as it gets. Anyone who’s working with digital media should look to Gerd for advice, direction, a glimpse of the future and hard work befitting a multinational enterprise or a start-up in a garage. Gerd is terrific, my highest recommendation.” Jim Griffin (OneHouse LLC, Washington DC)

Gerd_leonhard_end_of_control_shirt “Gerd is one of the few people that “gets it!” He has a correct a clear vision of where the entertainment business is going. Evry month there’s an important development in the industry that validates his appraoch and pedictions” Paul Hoffert, CEO Noank Media, Toronto, Canada

“Gerd Leonhard is turbocharged for innovation! He’s a fountain of new ideas and clear thinking about the future”  Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space, San Francisco.

“Gerd has a special intensity that brings a honed intellect crashing into the nuts and bolts of getting the “it” done. If anyone can make the future now, it’s going to be Gerd.” J.S. Wattles, Entertainment Attorney, Los Angeles

“With the music and broadcast industries intent on digging in their heels to stem the tide of progress, maintain business as usual and the unsustainable “status quo”, Gerd Leonhard’s fresh, innovative and future oriented thinking is one of the few optimistic lights sign- posting the way forward” Arthur Bernstein, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).

Some quotes on Gerd’s books

I know of no other text that as beautifully and concisely presents the fundamental challenge that music now faces. This book is essential for anyone who wants to understand what is at stake in this debate.” Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University and founder of Creative Commons.

“The Future of Music clearly and succinctly explains what will happen to the way we consume music. Anyone who is planning to listen to music from shiny pieces of plastic in the future will be in for a big shock.”   Dave Goldberg, SVP and GM, Music, Yahoo

“I had the privilege to read Gerd’s book a bit in advance of the official release and I can say I was stricken by his vision, which I largely share. if you want to have in idea of what might happen in the Music business area, I strongly advise you to read “Music 2.0″ !” Gilles Babinet, Co-founder and non ex. Advisor, mxp4

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