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Widgets: The Future of Online Ads

Link: Widgets: The Future of Online Ads.

A good read from Business Week. My favorite part:

"This same phenomenon is now taking hold online. Instead of visiting more and more Web sites, users are shifting to the TiVos of the Internet. Consumers are using RSS aggregators to display news and blog postings from numerous sources in one place. They’re using personal portals such as iGoogle and Netvibes to view customized collections of stock quotes, local weather updates, and relevant news headlines at a glance. They’re using social networks including Facebook and MySpace to share pictures and "what’s up" with friends, family, and even business associates…."

This represents a huge shift from impression / CPM based advertising to impact-based advertising to… advertising as content – and content syndication will play a huge role, widgets and otherwise.

Read more about RSS and content syndication at this ‘End of Control’ post



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