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No One Likes The Music Labels – Who Cares – says Peter Kafka

Peter is a very sharp writer – read this one: No One Likes The Music Labels. Who Cares? – Silicon Alley Insider.

"The number of UK consumers who said they trusted the industry fell from 47% in 2007 to 31% this year, with confidence disturbed by moves by the music industry to track down and punish illegal music copying, and high-profile scandals in broadcasting….The bigger problem for the music business: There just may not be that
many music lovers. Recall that Radiohead, perhaps the world’s
best-loved tech-savvy band, offered to let their fans pay whatever
they’d like for their new album last fall — and most chose not pay a penny.
If that’s at all indicative of bigger trends — and we think it is —
then the music industry’s future is clear: A modest, niche business
supported by a handful of passionate consumers, and ignored by most
others. And no PR agency will be able to fix that…"   

Wow. Here is my comment, below



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