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Future of Copyright & Media: My presentation at the International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, Russia (June 6, 2008)

I had the great pleasure and honor to be invited to this years International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, Russia, on Picture_45June 6 and 7. St Petersburg is an amazing city, very beautiful, lots if things to see, and the ‘white nights’ are truly amazing (and tempting!). Russia seems like a fantastic opportunity right now, btw – a very energetic and open place, and very friendly people everywhere. Da! 

The forum was an amazing meeting place of CEOs and public / government officias from all over the world, discussing subjects such as energy, global warming, the food crisis and… you guessed it: Media, Copyright and Intellectual property Rights (IPR).  I was part of a  panel called  ‘Protecting intellectual property – future rules of the game. Subtitled: How
should regulation of intellectual property rights look in Russia in the
light of rapidly developing technologies for information dissemination?
Experience and outlooks.


Moderated by Stanislav Voskresensky, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, with  Vladimir Mau, Rector of Academy of National Economy,  Artemiy Troitskiy, Publicist (who connected me and got me there in the first place),  Serguei Kapitza, Chairman of the Non-profit partnership "World of Science", Mark Franco, Head of the Representative office of the European Commission, Dorothy Dwoskin, Vice President Microsoft Corp,  Sergei Shestakov, Chief Executive of Central Partnership .Yuri Lubimov, Advisor to the Russia’s Minister of economic development.

Here is my presentation, focusing on why the paradigm expansion from Copyright to Access / Usage Rights is needed, and how the rising tide of PERMISSION and new flat rate licenses will float all boats; and what that could mean for the IPR discussion in Russia (just an inkling of it, I’d say).

gerd_leonhard_economic_forum 2008_future_of_copyright.pdf

(30MB QT file, all animations / interactive)


Update: I swear I have never seen this many Mercedes S500 in one single city. Wow!

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