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The Future of Social Media: Engage or be Tivo’ed (new slideshow on the Future of Advertising and Marketing) *Vote for me

Slideshare just lauched a competition for the best presentation and naturally I am throwing my hat in ;).  Check out this new slideshow, below, and be sure to vote for me (use the button under the slideshow) – and spread the word.

A short summary: A broadband-enabled, always-on world of
Digital Natives equipped with 4.5 Billion mobile devices is shaping up
in our immediate future. As a result, newly emerging cultural practices
now impact every single facet of media, from education to production to
marketing, promotion and selling. Every creator, every brand, every
advertiser now wants the attention of the "people formerly known as
consumers" who themselves are increasingly interested in co-creation,
too, using social networks to contribute music, video, images and
texts. This presentation depicts some of the trends and arrives at the
conclusion: Engage or be Tivo’ed!

World’s Best Presentation Contest

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