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Trends from the 2008 Mobile World Congress (Accenture Report): customer centric convergence

Accenture has been publishing some pretty good reports lately, the latest one has a review of the 2008 3GSM show and the most essential trends from there. Here are the high-lights:

  • We live in a three-screen
    —interacting with our televisions, computers and mobile
    devices—and consumers will increasingly expect content to flow
    seamlessly across all three.
  • Accenture believes the
    next evolutionary phase is something they call customer-centric
    . That means being guided—with every technology or
    service—by a single, overarching imperative: to produce products and
    services that encompass, complement and dovetail with every element of
    the customer’s wants, needs and lifestyle.
  • Handsets Designed with People in Mind
  • 4G Comes of Age
  • Ubiquitous Networks
  • Open Architectures and an Open Service Delivery Platform: To bring products to
    market faster, more and more service providers and high-tech companies
    are embracing a new paradigm of collaboration often referred to as open innovation or collective invention
  • Digital Advertising/Mobile Advertising


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