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BRIC Countries: Mobile IS the Internet (Rising Economies and Web-enabled Phones)

EMarketer presents some good snippets on "Rising Economies and Web Phones". Some snippets

Five of the world’s 10 largest
cities are located in the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia,
India and China (the so-called BRIC countries), along with four of the
five top markets for new mobile subscribers. Moreover, mobile is not simply viewed as an extension of the Web in
BRIC, as it is in the US, Western Europe and parts of Asia-Pacific.
Mobile is the Internet
for an increasingly large and attractive
consumer segment.

mobile Internet penetration in the BRIC countries is all the more
notable since none of them has yet launched third-generation (3G)
services, although each one has either licensed 3G services or will do
so by 2009," said John du Pre Gauntt, senior analyst at eMarketer.
"Once that happens, marketers can expect even higher mobile
Internet penetration rates, with the commensurate ability to conduct
more sophisticated and widespread mobile marketing campaigns."

Indeed – and what will they do with their web-powered mobiles?  Get, share, edit, remix, forward… CONTENT. Another huge sharing explosion coming our way – we are still at the tip of the iceberg.


Watch my "what will happen when we are all connected" movie, here.


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