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RadioTime Wunderground: Thousands of Radio Stations – new Phone App (via Hear 2.0)

Mark Ramsay’s blog points to a new app for the iphone, offered by Radiotime, and Weather Underground: Hear 2.0: Thousands of Radio Stations – Now on the iPhone.  So we are finally getting there: via the iPhone, Internet radio is arriving in the CAR. What will this do to ‘Radio 1.0’ vs Radio 2.0? Now imagine an app hat saves the streams for a few hours (see the Pioneer Inno) [*probably already exists for the jailbroken iPhones] or get a wimax chip, and we’ll have 15.000+ radio online radio stations available. Get Ready + we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mark has a good audio interview on his blog post, too, with the CEO of Radiotime. 

Also – given that spoke to the Trinidad music industry just yesterday – THIS is the kind of thing you need to promote your music: make a Trini music iPhone app that provides free streams. As Mark says "A distribution channel called the iPhone"

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