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Below are some oMusic2.0 Front Book Gerd Leonhardf the most popular essays that I have written during the past few years. If you are looking for my presentations, you can download 30+ of them – on many different topics – here, via this blog and here, via slideshare – just don’t print them all ;). You can find a lot more press coverage and links here.

Please note that while I have written a lot about the music industry in the past, most of my current work is outside of music; for examples of recent speaking engagements please go here.

Content 2.0: protection is in the business model: Download the PDF

Content 2.0: portuguese version: PDF Portuguese Translation Content 2.0

Swiss SKO Leader magazine (in German): Interview mit Gerd Leonhard (Social Media): Download PDF: social-media-blosse-spielerei-oder-treibstoff-für-die-karriere—feb2011

Daten sind das neue Oel (in German): PDF: Daten – das neue Öl. Marketing Jahrbuch 2010

Data is the new Oil: in English, on the DDB blog

Epoca Brazil, on Facebook (Portuguese) April 2011:  Download Epoca Brazil GL

eComm conference / blog interview on Telemedia (Sept 2009):  EComm-Interview

HSM Magazine, Brasil: Interview (portuguese): Download PDF HSM Brazil

RSA Journal Summer 09: The price of freedom Gerd Leonhard July 2009

English Version as downloadable PDF: Download German Translation by Rainer Classen : Preis der Freiheit Spanish Translation by Carlos Perez Vellila: Spanish Price of Free RSA  Italian Translation by Federico Ciappi: Download Il prezzo della libertà RC1

Open Letter to Lord Mandelson: legalize digital music! Open letter: legalize digital music Gerd Leonhard

Greek translation:  PDF GREEK: Open letter to Lord Mandelson: how to solve the Internet Music Problem

Visit my previous Free Content page

Future Stories No. 2: The Future of Telecom (2008)

TV 2.0 & The Future of Media (ITV magazine)

Free PDF with my entire Music 2.0 book (230 pages, 2008)

The Future of Music Publishing (Impact Magazine 2008)

Future Revenues for Content Creators (Sept 2008)

Future Stories No. 1: Blogs will be Record Labels (2008)

Open Letter to the Independent Music Industry, 2007 (English), French version, Portuguese version (web only, no pdf)

Music Like Water (2005 – but still true;)

“The Future of Music” book, Chapter 1 (2005)


Some of the material covered in my book, The End of Control (2008):

In German language:
Die Mitmach-Kultur und das Musikbusiness (2007, Musikmarkt)

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