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eMarketer’s Predictions for 2009 (good read & think)

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As usual, some good stats and trends here: eMarketer’s Predictions for 2009 – eMarketer. Most of it is good news, I think.

The nuggets:

  • Video ad spending will run counter to overall economic developments, rising by 45% in 2009 to reach $850 million
  • Search marketing spending will
    grow by 14.9% in 2009, to $12.3 billion. Search marketing is not
    recession-proof, but it is recession-resistant.
  • Total US Internet ad spending will increase to $25.7 billion in 2009, an 8.9% growth rate.
  • Online retail sales (excluding
    travel) will grow by only 4% in 2009—the first full year to feel the
    impact of the economic crisis.
  • E-commerce will be a growing
    revenue stream for social network sites. Expect both MySpace and
    Facebook to enhance their self-serve advertising systems to allow
    consumers and businesses to buy and sell real-world goods and services.
  • Traditional Media: Continues Hurting: Newspaper advertising will continue to decline in the new year
    more than any other medium. Industry-wide cutbacks will continue, and
    there will be some consolidation.
  • The 800-lb. online video gorilla,
    YouTube, announced in Q4 2008 that it would carry full-length
    television programs supported by ads. Expect to see similar properties
    compete with it in 2009.


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