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Compensation not Control – The Future of Music: video & audio versions of my presentation at MidemNet 2009 (*one of my best ;)

Finally, here is the video and audio version of my presentation at MidemNet 2009, in Cannes France. I put a ton of work into this presentation and, well, honestly… I think it’s one of the best I have ever done on this topic.  Hope you enjoy it – and please comment, below, and / or spread the word!  Thanks to the Midem organization for providing the DVD with this video.

The topics: why the
music industry needs to license the Internet just like it has licensed
Radio (i.e. with a collective license), why criminalizing the users
& fans will not work – and why those efforts should be re-directed to the creation of a new ‘Music 2.0’ ecosystem that actually produces growing revenues,
where those new revenues will come from, and how the music flat rate –
aka music like water – would work. See my previous blog post for more details and the PDF of this presentation. The MidemNet blog is here. My free book, Music 2.0, is here, btw;)

Youtube versions here.  MP3 file download: Compensation not Control Futurist Gerd Leonhard MP3

Audio via Soundcloud, below  

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