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The End of Control and the Future of Content: My presentation at Google San Francisco (March 2, 2009)

San Francisco Sunset Gerd LeonhardImage by gleonhard via Flickr

As promised, here is the PDF with most of what I presented at my Authors@Google Talk in San Francisco, today (March 2, 2009). Hopefully we will have a video available very soon as well.
The End of Control Gerd Leonhard at Google SF PDF

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Some snippets: Bottom Lines: The fight for Control was a fight for Distribution. The flight for Attention is a fight for Trust. The beneficiaries of Control were Monopolies.
The beneficiaries of Trust are those that Collaborate. Advertising 2.0: Information becomes Conversation.  Interruption becomes Engagement. Annoyance becomes Entertainment. 'This is an Ad' becomes 'This is Content'.  The Sharing Economy Logic: Sharing...the Output (i.e. publish, re-mix, co-create, life-stream…) the Input  (i.e. remuneration in cash, attention, reputation…) … the Thruput (i.e. usage data, meta content, attention trails >> New Data Economics)

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