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The Future of ICT / TIME: my presentation at the NSN Transformation Forum in Cologne

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 I had the great pleasure to speak at Nokia Siemens NetworksTransformation Forum in Cologne yesterday (March 26, 2009). I really enjoyed the event and had lots of great conversations; and some Koelsch, too!  Rolf Hansen, CEO of SIMYO, was there as well, and delivered a very interesting presentation on 10 imperatives of success, which miraculously synced very nicely with own speech.

As promised, here is the PDF (creative commons-non-commercial + attribution licensed, as usual): NSN Innovation Forum 2009 Cologne Gerd Leonhard Futurist PDF 16MB

My topics included:

  • The consequences of what I call ‘Broadband Culture’
  • Why and how digital content, UGC and Social Media are the biggest growth factors for the ICT industries, going forward
  • Why telecoms and ICT companies need to get involved with Content, and move up the foodchain
  • Why content flat-rates, starting with music, are the way forward, and need to be regulated
  • The copy economy vs the access / usage / sharing economy
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