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Mobile Content Futures: a narrated slideshow (video). From EGOsystem to ECOsystem.

I just uploaded this new video (below) to my video channel on (; it's somewhat similar to what I presented at Mobile Monday Amsterdam on March 30, 2009. 
Topics:  A
drastically different Broadband Culture is imminent – total mobility, always-on, low-cost Internet access,
constant peering and pervasive social media, rivers of news and oceans
of content. Developing nations will go straight to digital content-access,
straight to mobile EVERYTHING and straight to next generation
advertising and marketing. Control, Domination and Push / Monolog is
out; Openness, Collaboration and Conversation is in. From EGOsystem to ECOsystem.  More: check out the GerdTube RSS feed (download all shows via iTunes)

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