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Broadcasting meets Broadband: my presentation at the Intenational Radio Forum in Tehran

Redefine Broadcasting Gerd Leonhard Future RadioUPDATE: Broadband Broadcasting Session 2 IRIB ABU Tehan Gerd Leonhard: here is part 2 of my presentations (Tues 3.30 pm May 19) .  The ABU and IRIB kindly invited me to speak at the 2nd International Radio Forum in Tehran (Iran). Some excerpts: Broadband Broadcasting Principles:  1) Broadcasters should be & remain the best possible curators, on all platforms 2) Broadcasters should support time-shifting 3) Broadcasters should support convergence (devices, platforms, UIs) 4) Broad-casters should support sharing 5) Broadcasters should support interactivity & engagement
6) Broadcasters should embrace community & conversation

If you need more food for thought, please go to my free content page, here.


(< view of Tehran from the hotel… my iPhone's camera always makes it look  rather strange). As promised, here is the PDF with my keynote entitled "Broadband & Broadcast – the next 5 years".  Download IRIB ABU Tehran Keynote Gerd Leonhard Public 

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