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Broadband Culture and the Future of Broadcasting (new video)

Here is a new video that I have just uploaded to my channel on (which offers full iTunes download feeds so you can watch all of my videos offline, too) . The topic: Broadband penetration is rapidly increasing around the world, and
Internet access is no longer depending on computers but increasingly
available on mobile devices such as smart phones. Soon, the kids i.e.
the 'digital natives' will run the show, and they expect Radio & TV
to deliver content in much the same way as the Net does: time-shifted,
interactive, engaging, shareable and via any and all platforms. The
imminent total convergence of the Internet and Broadcasting will bring
many challenges to traditional broadcasters (commercial or public) but
there are also  unprecedented opportunities – this video discusses the
key trends and future scenarios.

Please note that for some reason some of the transitions and animations are a bit delayed and don't sync 100% correctly with the voice; I have not yet figured out what how to solve this (I use Apple Keynote; and this problem happened when I exported the .key file with the voice-over to Quicktime – if anyone has an idea how to fix this please comment below – thanks). In the meantime, here is a pdf file with every single animation as one page so that you can click along with the video as I speak.  Download Broadband Broadcasting step by step slides Gerd Leonhard

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