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Remote or virtual presentations and keynotes

Gerd leonhard speaks siemens As you may have guessed by looking at my travel schedule (see sidebar) I get a constant stream of new people and companies, conference organizers, existing clients and all kinds of organizations asking me to go somewhere and make a presentation, hold a keynote speech or run a think-tank event; from all over the world, and on many different topics

If I accepted each invitation I think I could literally travel from one speaking engagement to the next, for pretty much the entire year. At the same time, the 2009 / 2010 financial crisis has  resulted in much tighter budgets, pretty much everywhere. Increasing concerns for the environment are also an issue; making countless super-long-distance trips for the sole purpose of a 90-minute speech and subsequent panel discussion is probably not the best example for the efficient use of energy.

Therefore I have been exploring new ways how I can present to – and have real conversations w ith – interested clients from anywhere on the globe without necessarily continuing to enrich the likes of Lufthansa, Swiss Air and Singapore Airlines.

Again, I still believe that nothing will really beat the live performance, the face-to-face meetings and the actual experience in what people have started to call the ‘meat-space‘ (as opposed to cyber-space I guess), but maybe some new ways can be explored that offer a similar, and less costly experience. Therefore, I look forward to experimenting with you on what the best formats for this may be. If you are interested in discussing this, please email me at or contact me via Facebook.



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