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AllTop: presenting my favorite feeds from around the Web, AllTop + Instapaper = better than RSS?!

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Guy Kawasaki's Alltop is a great way to tap into the flow of the best blogs and their RSS feeds from all over the web, without having to use a feed-reader. As an example, check out my Alltop recommendations; these are constantly updated via RSS and work great on the iPhone as well. Just click on a topic or header to bring up the new page with the content. Louis Gray provides more good tips on the iPhone mobile AllTop experience, here, but this is what I do:

  1. Go to the mobile version of the Alltop page that you want to use (such as mine, here) 
  2. Click on any link that interests you
  3. The link will open in Safari which is not so great because of the all the zooming and formating you'll need to do to read the webpages (unless they are mobile-optimized already), therefore:
  4. Sign up for the great (and free!) Instapaper which offers one of the best iPhone apps that allows you to read web-pages offline after  you bookmark them. Install the app on your iPhone (the Pro version is much better, btw, and only costs a few $), then be sure you install the bookmark link in your Safari browser (follow these instructions using your iPhone) – it's a bit geeky but hey… even I did it!
  5. Now, when you bring up a new web-page that you want to read without zooming and fooling around in Safari you can just add it to your 'Instapaper Unread' items by clicking on the bookmarker
  6. Bring up the Instapaper app, update, and read the article (which certainly beats Safari on the iphone, hands-down)


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