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Open is King (interesting video by Adobe)

Adobe-logo This is an interesting video about how Adobe is moving towards openness, with a dozen key Adobe technologies already released as open source (such as the open source FLEX SDK) and the key flash compiler (Tamarin) recently given to the Mozilla foundation. Interesting – so will open really be King, going forward, like I have been stipulating for the past 3 years…?

As to Adobe, it does seem that the public perception in the wider marketplace is that Adobe is not quite open enough, yet (read the comments on the Youtube page), and I do wonder about that, as well, but shall reserve my final opinion until I have had more time to accurately research this topic. In any case, the Adobe guy in the video does a pretty good job explaining Adobe's approach, defining open as: Open Source, Standards and Community. Quote: "The flash platform is about as open as it can possible be" I will look into this a bit further; in the meantime do check out the video below.

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