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Music Like Water and the Public Digital Music License: my presentation at A2N in Berlin

Picture 8Great conference in Berlin, today: All-together-now (A2N). Finally, here’s a place to discuss real innovation in the music industry – this event has real potential, imho, even though it could have been positioned to be more international, right from the start (most discussions were in German, but translation was available… good start), and some speakers were rather stale – but nothing that can’t be fixed.

I will blog more about this, later, for now, here is the PDF of my presentation “Music Like Water”.  A2N’s twitter feed is here, the tweet feed (#A2N) is here.

Update: here is the video!

Gerd Leonhard – Music Like Water: why, what, when and how? from all2gethernow on Vimeo.

Picture 9 My summary

  • Legalize it: a public, collective, open License for the use of Music online                 
  • Collaborative efforts to develop new, web-native revenue streams
  • A new social contract for Content

P.S: I tried a new template for my presentation, this time, following some critique on my slide-designs, via my tweeps… hope you like this better, please let me know!

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