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I just ordered the new ‘International’ Kindle eReader: the reading revolution has started!

Amazon rocks, once again. Jeff Bezos made a deal with AT&T for 3G roaming so now I can get my books pretty much anywhere in the world, anytime; and without worrying about my iPhone’s battery;). The new ‘Kindle wireless reading device’ looks set to deliver what I have wanted for five years: access to a large library of books, wirelessly, and (hopefully) at a much lower price, at my fingertips. Plus newspapers, blogs, Wikipedia… I shall report when I have tested it, but in the meantime, below is a quick summary where I see things going in terms of the business model and pricing, for eBooks (and yes, there will be a blog post on this topic very soon).

The coming eBooks Ecosystem by Gerd Leonhard

Update: just added this quick slideshow… enjoy

And here is a video from Amazon which pretty much says it all:

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