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Nice bottom line by Hugh Macleod: “Bleed and Feed” (Gaping Void)

Fthepoor Hugh MacLeod is one of my favorite cartoonists that covers geeky web and technology stuff, over at Below is a quote from his blog that makes a ton of sense to me, so I wanted to share it with you. 

He says that as a wor­king artist, he divides his day into two parts: “Bleed and Feed”.

“The Bleed Part. Taking care of busi­ness. Doing work for my clients. Wor­king on new Cube Gre­nade ideas etc. Trying to find new clients etc. Trying to get my bills paid etc etc.

The Feed Part. I go and make dra­wings for myself. Com­ple­tely non-commercial. Often no more than dood­ling in my sketch­book. Just me and a pen, trying to feed my well. Often accom­pa­nied by a nice glass of red.

I try to do both every day. “Bleed” gets my mor­ning and after­noons. “Feed” hap­pens mostly after din­ner, before bedtime.

Yeah, I guess this is a varia­tion on The Sex & Cash Theory. It’s all good.

All suc­cess­ful artists “Bleed and Feed”, in their own way. The ones who don’t– who just try to do one or the other– tend to burn out rather quickly. That’s just Reality”


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