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The Future of Digital Content and the coming Tele-Media Ecosystem (my presentation at Telco2.0 conference)

Picture 24It was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited to the Telco2.0 Executive Brainstorm event in London, today, and to address a roomful of telecom  & media executives that were – as it says in the conference tagline – looking for a way to 'reduce the friction in the digital economy'. After having to listen to some rather bizarre and, sadly, rather 'retro' juPicture 18stifications about why those pesky Internet users and Digital Natives (i.e. our kids) really do need to be threatened with disconnection from the Net if they don't comply with the rules of yesterday's game, delivered with great pathos by the usual lobbyists from UKMusic and Universal Music Group executives (see the list of panelists below), I tried to get down to the bottom line of what the workable alternatives to their Control & Enforcement paradigms could be.

Funny thing is, that in the subsequent vote most people in the audience seemed to actually agree that disconnection and punishmenPicture 25t are not going to change anything and are not a suitable path to new revenues… I always wonder why there seems to be strong consensus if people vote (or talk) individually, but if you hear them 'in public' everyone always delivers the good old party line of wanting more control and protection. Why is that? Whose bread we eat whose song we sing… is that it?

I will post a summary here, shortly. In the meantime, here is the slideshow (download the PDF via slideshare).  A

Enjoy and spread the word.

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