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Video of my presentation at A2N Berlin: Music Like Water – the time is now!

Music Like Water Gerd Leonhard FuturistThis was one of my best presentations on the topic of the music flat rate – the PDF and more details are here.
From the intro on the A2N Berlin

"Digital music is in a serious gridlock: everyone is using it, very few
are paying for it, and nobody except for Apple has yet succeeded in
making a business of it. At the same time, broadband penetration in Europe is exploding, mobile
devices are getting ever more powerful, and almost a Billion people
will be always-online at high speeds, within 2 years, sharing music on
social networks and via all kinds of digital networks. Attempts at making ISPs and telecoms reponsible for solving the
business model Music 2.0 book icons problems of the industry have failed, 95% of the Digital
Natives in Europe are guilty of copyright infringement, and this logjam
is becoming a major cultural, political and economic issue. Meanwhile, flat-rated, collective music licenses for the digital music
are being trialled in Denmark, the Isle of Man, Turkey and China. For
the past 6 years, Gerd Leonhard has been suggesting that Music on the
Internet needs to be licensed like Radio: collectively, publicly and
compulsory, and a revenue-sharing basis, so that a new, web-native
music ecosystem can unfold…"

Gerd Leonhard – Music Like Water: why, what, when and how? from all2gethernow on Vimeo.

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