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Happy New Year: cool video: cell phones upcycled to form an interactive art installation (via Neil Perkin), 2010: all about Mobile!

Fellow Futurefeed Twitterer and London-based social media expert Neil Perkin is always good for an artful reminder; I found the video below on his most recent post. Nice one, Neil – thanks for sharing!

This egged me to predict (or rather… post-dict;) that 2010 will be all about Mobile:

  • Mobile Broadband Take-Off
  • Mobile Devices 2.0 (readers, tablets etc)  
  • Mobile Communications X.0 (Google Wave, Twitter, apps etc)
  • Mobile Reading (what… news to you? Start with my free Music 2.0 book, here;)
  • Mobile Content ?.0 (drastically new, cross-media models… such as the tablet will offer)
  • Mobile Applications, round 2 (and …html5!)
  • Mobile Advertising (i.e. not at all like on PC but mobile ads as targeted content) *Data is the New Oil!
  • Mobile Location-Based Services
  • Mobile Augmented Reality (Layar et al)
  • Mobile Money (Africa, Asia)
  • Mobile Me (as in…'Me' in the Cloud)
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Mobile Disruption (Google Nexus is just the start)
  • Mobile Music (Spotify, Pandora, RDio)
  • Mobile Convergence and the coming TeleMedia Economy

As to the video: says its creator James Theophane: "Each
phone is individually addressed by a computer to cofunction and create
a choral arrangement.  Assigning each phone a tone, the mass is
transformed into an aural form that appears to come alive, shimmering
and flirting for onlookers."

Experience Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

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