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Crowdsourcing is real: German Translation of my RSA essay “The Price of Freedom – Reinventing the Online Economy”

 crowdsourcing 2 Crowd-sourcing really works for me. Quite a few of my essays are now being translated into various languages, by some very kind people that donate their time because they simply like my writings and want to collaborate. Here is the latest result: a nice German translation of my 2009 essay in the RSA Journal "The Price of Freedom – Reinventing the Online Economy". Enjoy! 

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German Translation of "The Price of Freedom: by Rainer Classen : PDF: Preis der Freiheit  Kindly translated by Rainer Claßen (RC-WebService; his Blog)  

Original Version in English: Download

Other translations include:

Greek translation by Antonis Plessas: PDF: Gerd Leonhard Η τιμή της ελευθερίας – Αναδιαμορφώνοντας τη διαδικτυακή οικονομία

Spanish Translation by Carlos Perez Vellila: PDF: Spanish: Price of Free RSA 

Italian Translation by Federico Ciappi: Download PDF: Il prezzo della libertà RC1

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