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My MidemNet 2010 presentation on Content 2.0: New Ways to Monetize (video)

At MIDEM 2010, one of the leading music industry events held in Cannes, annually, I gave a talk about how other content industries (apart from music) are using the Internet to monetize.
The video is about 14 minutes long, and goes with the slide-show, below, and addresses these examples:

  • What will magazine publishers do with the new iPad and other tablet devices (examples from Bonnier, Wired and Sports Illustrated)
  • How is making 1.29 Billion USD by selling access to the cloud
  • How OReilly's Safari Books is selling access to 15.000 technical books for $42 / month
  • How Zynga's Farmville social game (on Facebook) is selling 800.000 tractors as virtual items, per day
  • How iStockphoto is selling what can be found in many places for free
  • How the Techdirt blog connects with fans and gives 'reason to buy' (CwF / RtB)
  • Conclusion: People pay when they see real value and when the price is right!
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  • The same video on Youtube

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