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Paying for Gerd

Free vs paid black and whiteAs you may have noticed, almost all of my content is free, including my blog’s full RSS feed,  65+ slideshows, 100+ videos, most of my books & PDFs, and even my iPhone and Android mobile apps. I make a living with speaking engagements, keynotes, think-tank events and seminars, advisory work, CEO coaching sessions, and various other, mostly fun things. I want to continue to provide you with lots of great and free content even though many people have suggested that I should start charging for a lot more stuff, including my new iPhone and Android applications (which are obviously not free to me, either).

Instead of going down the road of requiring you to ‘pay upfront’ for my content I have decided to deploy my own version of the often-cited ‘Radiohead Model‘ (borrowed from the group’s (in-)famous approach to selling their music for ‘whatever you think it’s worth‘), i.e. you will continue to receive a lot of stuff for free but yes, you can indeed make a payment if you like what I do.


Music 2.0 lulu version cover

So here are 4 ways to help me monetize (terrible word but appropriate):

Lulu logo 1) You can go to my Lulu bookstore and either buy a dead-tree i.e. printed version of my books, such as Music 2.0 for $17.75 or Friction is Fiction for a whopping $60.40 (it’s a lot of pages, 4c,  the cheaper b/w  version is here), or any of the PDFs ranging from $2.50 to $7.50 (even if you already have it… that’s OK, too).

 2) You can  go to Amazon and order my ‘old’ and first book “The Future of Music” which is still a great book (co-written with Dave Kusek); just keep in mind that since this booAmazon_cravek is owned and marketed by a publisher (Berklee Press) it is not really the most direct way to ship a few $ directly to me;) – but still appreciated. The audio version is here, btw. The self-published, Lulu-powered “Friction is Fiction” book is also available via Amazon so I’d prefer you to buy that first, or … just get both.

 3) If you want to ‘pay with attention’ and give me some social capital rather than real money, that’s OK, too (I shall ask my landlord to accept facebook points, soon, as well;). 

Can I suggest these mechanisms:

  • A nice, juicy blog post about my work, my presentations or my videos, or books
  • A series of tweets, or retweets
  • A nice review of my books (Amazon or Lulu) or iPhone / Android apps (Apple App store is good)
  • Nice comments on my slideshows or videos (incl. my Youtube channel)

4) Finally, and most efficiently, you can just make a payment for what you think my stuff is worth to you; and guess what – there is no limit! Use this button, below (Paypal).

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