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Why Spotify won’t solve the structural problems of the music industry (video interview at Monaco Media Forum)

Fellow Futurist and Keynote Speaker Monty Metzger recorded this video while we were both attending the Monaco Media Forum in November 2009. Some bottom lines:

  • Giving fair and reasonable permission is a much better strategy than complaining about so-called digital piracy
  • The problems of the music industry are way beyond Spotify, and won't be solved merely by open, free market mechanisms – we need a new, collective digital music license, asap
  • Today, music fans want to listen first, and then pay – and the industry insists on the reverse (see WMG's recent 'No' on free streaming in the U.S.). Key question: do they prefer control over compensation??
  • To waive a huge stick at the ISPs, and to try make them responsible for solving the music industry's issues, is a very bad idea, and won't put money into anyone's pockets
  • The selling of mere 0s and 1s is not really a business anymore – it's no longer about distribution, it's about converting attention into 'new generatives'

The 2nd video is from MIDEM2009 and further elaborates on pretty much the same topics. Enjoy. RT.

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