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The Future of Business: My 14 Key Memes (Video and Slideshow)

Fresh from the video-baking oven here in Switzerland (yes, unfortunately I had to cancel my speaking engagement in Helsinki – the Volcano thing got in the way;) here are 14 key memes that I think will impact the Future of Business: Web-Native by Default, Mobile First, From Network to Networked, the global Shift to Open Platforms, from Control to Trust, from EgoSystem to ECOSystems, from Walled Gardens to Jungles, the ubiquitous Shift to the Cloud, from monetizing Friction to monetizing Engagement, from GUI to NUI, from Yes | No to Maybe, from Linear Logic to Fuzzy Logic, the Shift to new Qualifications (Education 2.0) and the growing emphasis on Foresight. Enjoy. Spread the word. 
Want more videos? Go to Gerdtube (or just download all of them, via iTunes)

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