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The Future of Media: video of my talk at ICTQatar

This is the first part of the official video of my talk at ICTQatar, on December 6, 2010. The PDF download (6MB) is here:  Gerd @ ICT Qatar talk low res

Here is some context via “Gerd Leonhard Predicts a Radically Different Future for the Media and Content Industries: “In the content industries, we are going from selling copies, whether physical or digital such as books and CDs, to selling access, such as bundled music offerings where music is included in internet access. This is painful if you made money selling paper or plastic, but it is as inevitable as the switch from horse-drawn carriage to the railroad. And there is lots of new money to be made in selling access to the content-clouds,” said Leonhard. “Without a doubt, data is the new oil. Over 4 billion connected users willgenerate zetabytes of data, every single day, by commenting, rating, tagging, forwarding, uploading and sharing content. Every marketer, every brand, every telco and every mobile operator will want to get to this data, and be allowed to use it,” he said. “The consumer will be more powerful than ever before, and – just like oil – many difficult situations will arise from the use, such as the discovery, the mining, and the refining of data. In any case, data will emerge as the most important asset of the next decade.”

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