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New video: Telemedia Futures: how open technologies will shape the future of business, media and communications (USI 2010)

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 14.45.15 I just ran across this video of my 2010 talk at USI (Paris) and I think it’s still quite relevant, so check it out, below. The topic of my talk and presentation is TeleMedia, one of my most popular memes and speaking topics – see the links below.  From the USI event page: 

“Fast and powerful mobile internet devices, social media, real-time search and location-based services are bringing major changes to how we communicate, connect, interact, share, consume, buy and sell, and learn. The disruption has only just started. Telecoms are poised to move up the food-chain, into content, services and experiences, while TV is quickly and totally converging with the web, and mobile devices will become the way most people will experience the Internet. Soon, data is the new oil, and ‘the cloud’ is the oil-well.

The traditional EGOsystems are becoming ECOsystems and the big Networks must now deal with ‘The Networked’. Where is the future going, where are the biggest opportunities (and for whom, and where), and how can we start to adapt to the future, today? Futurist Gerd Leonhard will present the key trends and foresights as well as the most likely scenarios in technology, media / content, communications and advertising, for the next 3 years…”  You download the PDF with my slides here, btw.

Telemedia Futures: comment les technologies ouvertes vont-elles dessiner le futur du business, des médias et des communications
Telemedia Futures: comment les technologies ouvertes vont-elles dessiner le futur du business, des médias et des communications

USI 2010 : conférence incontournable du l’IT en France
Rendez-vous annuel des Geeks et des Boss souhaitant une informatique qui transforme nos sociétés, USI est une conférence de 2 jours sur les sujets IT : Architecture de SI, Cloud Computing, iPhone, Agile, Lean management, Java, .net… USI 2010 a rassemblé 500 personnes autour d’un programme en 4 thèmes : Innovant, Durable, Ouvert et Valeur.
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