Read this piece by Umair Haque: Is America a Failing State? – Umair Haque – HBR

Comment: unfortunately this is a very correct assessment on what is happening in the USA – America has the spirit of innovation, for sure, but will it have what it takes to squash rampant inequality, profit obsession and spiraling consumerism?Is America a Failing State? – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review

Uneven, stratified, exclusionary economic development, accompanied by economic flatlining? Sounds familiar. Mounting demographic pressures, including slum creation? Just tour Baltimore. Widespread corruption and kleptocracy? Yep — for just one example, see then-Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson tipping off his hedge fund buddies about Fannie and Freddie. Delegitimization of the state? What else does a Congressional approval rating in single digits suggest to you? Progressive deterioration of public services? Just look at JFK airport. Widespread violation of human rights? Finally, here’s one I can’t automatically check off the list—but still, one of the year’s most viral photos was Officer Pike calmly pepper-spraying college kids in the face. Reverse brain drain? Not yet — but not hard to imagine, if we keep harassing bright students.

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