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Good article: Transforming Towards the Firm of the Future

The key phrase: redesign for resilience !Transforming Towards the Firm of the Future – Thought Leaders – Network for Business Sustainability

As Dawn Vance, Director of Global Logistics at Nike succinctly puts it:

“Organizations have three options:

Hit the wall;
Optimize and delay hitting the wall; or
Redesign for resilience – simultaneously optimizing existing networks whilst creating disruptive innovations and working collaboratively with partners.”
It is this “redesigning for resilience” that drives the transformation from a Firm of The Past to a Firm of The Future. The Firm of the Future is one that:

Drives transformation through values-based leadership and stakeholder empowerment using the catalysts of education, innovation, inspiration and collaboration;
Encourages synergies across its business ecosystem, engaging with multiple stakeholders in an open, transparent way; where common values create connections enabling mutualism;
Harnesses the power of social networks and the “pull” media; uses crowd sourcing, co-creation, open source collaboration platforms and transparent branding for differentiation;
Evolves ecological thinking for innovating and new ways of operating and generation value for every stakeholder within the community it serves; where waste equals food and nature inspires the people, processes and products.

Gerd Leonhard

Twitter: @gleonhard

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