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New video: the future of Business and Communications (from Olavstoppen event in Stavanger May 3, 2012)

This is the complete video of my keynote at the Olavstoppen POL2012 event in Stavanger / Norway, on The Future of Business and Communications; May 3, 2012. You can download the PDF with the slides I used (low res version, creative commons licensed): Download Future of Business Olavstoppen Gerd Leonhard Keynote Public (6MB).  Most high-res versions of my presentations can be found at Slideshare. You can download the video via this link (or add the file to your dropbox).

The Future of Business & Communications. Social. Local. Mobile. Cloud. And why Data is the New Oil. Futurist and CEO of TheFuturesAgency Gerd Leonhard was the keynote speaker at the Olavstoppen POL conference on May 3rd 2012 in Stavanger, Norway.

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