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My new show-reels are live on Youtube (English and German versions)

My younger son (18) is a budding video producer and just created these 2 short reels for me, cutting and pasting from various speaking engagements, presentations and interviews. I think they are quite entertaining – would love to get your feedback!!  Have a look:

English version

This is a short video with some of my best snippets from the past 5 years, taken from various keynotes and speaking engagements.

You may also want to visit my video page on my blog http://www.mediafuturist.com/my_videos or check out my Blip.Tv channel (download all videos) at http://blip.tv/gleonhard#1455358


German version / Auf Deutsch

Ein kurzes Video, auf Deutsch, über meine Arbeit als Futurist und Keynote Redner. Mehr Details auf meiner deutschen Seite http://derfuturist.com 

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