The Future of Digital Marketing (FODM): my slides from KL / Malaysia, today

Here they are (7MB Low RES PDF) feel free to use anywhere with attribution to me. Link to the event, run by eConsultancy.

Update: The Malaysia Star has some comments on my talk, here:

Keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard…compared data to oil. In his presentation on The Reset of Marketing, Branding and Media the next 5 years, he said data would be more powerful than oil. “The future of the economy is data,” Leonhard opined. He added that the future of marketing lay in recurring data identifying consumer behaviour, but this would need a human interface to humanise the data so that it became meaningful information. “I call it humanrithm. We in the creative business use big data in a meaningful way and use it for marketing strategy,” he said. On another note, he also shared that consumer behaviour is influenced by technology. “We have this transformation from digitalisation, the transition of consumers that is moving from product to service to experience. “All brands have a problem with this, as they want to sell a product such as a publisher wanting to sell a book,” he said.

KEYNOTE 1 – Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & CEO of The Futures Agency: ‘The Reset of Marketing, Branding and Media – the next 5 years.’

The SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) Internet is rapidly changing the way we communicate, consume, create and market. This is not merely the result of increasingly powerful and more widely available technologies but of the dramatic individual habit changes that stem from them, and that are driving the key societal, economical and political developments. Marketing is following media and content as the next big arena for big change. World-class Futurist Gerd Leonard will kick off the day with his thought provoking insights and glimpses into the future.  Opportunities in the Malaysian market will be discussed in order to bring this closer to home.

Some of the key slides, below.



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