What I said in 2013 about TeleMedia i.e. the convergence of Telecom and Media – and what’s actually happening today

Below are some images I used to describe the key trends for telecoms and mobile operators, back in 2013 (I called this ‘telemedia convergence’). Even though these slides are admittedly quite ugly, design-wise (I think I have improved on that:), I think they were spot-on in terms of what actually happened in the 5 years hence:).

To wit, read:

AT Kearney report on the future of telecom operators in Europe

McKinsey: a future for mobile network operators 

QZ: the 6 forces to disrupt telecommunications 

Martin Geddes on the Future of Telecommunications 

Innosight: dual transformation

And be sure to watch my Youtube playlist on telecom futures, here



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