Aside from The Future of Music, digital copies of my books are free for download. However, because attention is the new currency, I encourage fans of my writings to spread the word.

For those interested, hard copies are available at Amazon.

The Future of Content

This Kindle book is a highly curated collection of the most important essays and blog posts Leonhard has written on this topic, and even though some of it was written as far back as 2007 – “I believe it still holds water years later. I have tried to only include the pieces that have real teeth. Please note that the original date of each piece is shown here in order to allow for contextual orientation.”

Leonhard’s intent to publish this via the amazing Amazon Kindle platform, exclusively, and at a very low price, is to make these ideas and concepts as widely available as possible while still trying to be an example of what digital, paperless distribution can look like, going forward.

Friction is Fiction: The Future of Content, Media & Business

Futurist and Thought-Leader Gerd Leonhard ( shares his thoughts on the Future of Content, Media and Business. ‘Friction is Fiction’ presents a constantly updated compilation of Gerd’s best essays, writings and most popular blog posts. The central meme is that the Internet has completely disrupted the traditional notion of generating higher income by simply taking advantage of possible friction points and hurdles within transactions or business processes, i.e. by controlling the ‘people formerly known as consumers’. The Future is all about winning the trust, and turning attention into revenues.

The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution

From the Music Research Institute at Berklee College of Music comes a manifesto for the ongoing music revolution.

Music 2.0 Essays

Music2.0 is an inspiring and invigorating collection of Music & Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s best essays and blog posts on the future of the music industry. The book continues and expands on the ideas and models Gerd presented in his first book The Future of Music (co-written with Dave Kusek, published by Berklee Press, 2005), which has become a must-read work within the music industry, worldwide, and was translated into German, Spanish and Italian. Music2.0 clearly describes what the next generation of music companies will actually look like; hence the use of the term Music2.0, a catch-all phrase derived from the increasingly over-used Web 2.0. In this book, Gerd does not mince his words when it s about spelling things out, and his style is both engaging as well as hard-hitting and provocative.