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Futurist David Brin: Be a Proxy activist ! Love this concept (and yes, I am, also)

  Be a proxy activist Brin believes everyone should be a proxy activist. That means you find half a dozen nonprofit organizations to give $50 a month to, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation or others that represent your point of view. Fail to do so and “you’re a bad person,” in his ...

Brilliant EFF ad in Wired (message to the tech community re. Trump): your threat model has changed

EFF Ad in Wired: Tech Community Must Secure Networks Against Trump Administration  San Francisco – In a full-page advertisement in Wired magazine, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a warning for the technology community: “Your threat model just changed.” EFF’s open letter calls on technologists to secure computer networks against overreaches by the upcoming ...

Thomas Piketty proposes flight tax to raise climate funds (and I’d be inclined to support it)

Read the piece at The Guardian   This proposal makes sense to me – even thought I’d be hit hard by it, myself, given how much I travel for my keynotes and talks. I have suggested something quite similar 5 years ago when I argued that we should pay 2x for each plane ...

MUST WATCH: CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – the new film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube

CITIZENFOUR UK trailer – a film by Laura Poitras, featuring Edward Snowden – YouTube. Next in my iTunes cue (too bad Netflix does not have it)

Good video: Consumers International on their new strategy

Consumers International – Who we are – New Strategy This video incorporates many concepts that I support in my work, as well, take a look…

Join me for this rare local event in my hometown (Basel, Switzerland): Zeitsicht Matinee Gespräch Sept 28, 2014 (in German)

I am delighted to speak at this  unique event at the Basel public library on Sunday September 28 at 11 am (yes, a Matinee:), with the well-known Professor Ueli Maeder and moderated by Roger Ehret. I have lived in Basel since 2002 but don’t speak here very often so… come on over ...

This Changes Everything: the upcoming book by Naomi Klein (teaser video)

This Changes Everything is Naomi’s new book.  The really cool video trailer is below. I’ve been reading Naomi’s books for some time now, and have become a bit of a fan, I guess. Pre-order the book here.

Interesting Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista

• Chart: NSA Monitoring Practices Face Stiff Opposition | Statista. This is an interesting chart provided by Statista  – 3x as many people think this is OK in the US vs Germany. But even in the US, only 37% agree. It seems to me we have a bunch of really different world-views ...

Tim Berners-Lee suggests digital magma carta (and once again fuels my own thinking;)

I just ran across this really important contribution by Tim Berners-Lee today. I penned a very much related piece for  TheGuardian blog in October last year: “Why advertisers should back a global Digital Bill of Rights” and it fits hand in glove with Tim’s brilliant as usual comments in TheGuardian today, ...

One Nation Under CCTV: fabulous illustration

One Nation Under CCTV, a photo by tj.blackwell on Flickr. “What kind of world we are creating? It is the exact opposite of the hedonistic Utopias that the old reformers imagined. Something huge, terrible, and glittering—a world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons.” – George Orwell’s Nineteen ...


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