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Here is my presentation from the TIETO Leadership event in Helsinki, today: transforming for the future

Here is the deck!  Thanks to Tieto for inviting me. Check out the tweets here and here. Tieto Leadership transforming for the future Helsinki gerd leonhard 4DIS low res Some best-of-images:

The dangers and challenges of the Internet of Things – crucial points made by Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier is one of the most brilliant thinkers when it’s about security and technology, in general. His recent piece ‘Click here to kill everyone’ is a must-read for anyone looking at the future of technology, and in particular the Internet of Things (IoT). While preparing for my upcoming keynote at ...

The global brain is coming: Google launches new AI in the cloud (videos). Hellven is certain!

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what’s coming: search-as-we-know-it is dead or dying (ETA within 5 years), apps are becoming yesterday’s way to interact with services platforms, and intelligent digital assistants (I call them IDAs) will taking their place. The race is on: who will be the dominant ‘global brain’ ...

Exponential digital transformation in business and enterprise: the PDF with my slides from my keynote at IBS Stockholm, today

As announced, here are my slides from today’s IBS’s event here in Stockholm : exponential digital transformation business enterprise IBS Connect Gerd Leonhard Public-web  5MB PDF High res version via dropbox 27 MB PDF   and some best-of’s:  

Skype’s real-time translator makes us all instant multi linguists (allegedly)

This is an important announcement but not because ‘it makes translators superfluous’. Yes, it will replace simple translation services for simple conversations but until it can make sense out of a deep and complex conversation such as a UN meeting, it’ll be quite a while. Human services, as a result, ...

▶ Amazon's Echo digital assistant: will 'outsourcing our brains' become the new normal?

▶ Introducing Amazon Echo – YouTube. Is this a good thing… and what is next? And… will this device just LISTEN ALL THE TIME?    

Work, jobs, learning and living in the future: the slides from today’s presentation at Maximum Mumbai (YPO, WPO event)

Work jobs learning living in the future gerd leonhard maximum mumbia ypo-web 10MB PDF Dropbox version  High res 32 MB PDF (same files)   As usual, here are some best-of slides and screenshots:  


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