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Meet Futurist Gerd Leonhard in London October 4: Keynote at BREAKOUT2017: Ethical codes for a digital age

I am delighted to be able to contribute to this unique event in London, on October 4 2017 (for more details and updates go here). My keynote will be on AI and other exponential technologies, in the context of digital ethics. Get your tickets. Digital technologies are disrupting the world around ...

The dangers and challenges of the Internet of Things – crucial points made by Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier is one of the most brilliant thinkers when it’s about security and technology, in general. His recent piece ‘Click here to kill everyone’ is a must-read for anyone looking at the future of technology, and in particular the Internet of Things (IoT). While preparing for my upcoming keynote at ...

Join us for The Great Debate on Technology and Humanity during MWC Barcelona February 28 2017

I am very excited to announce that me and my company, The Futures Agency, has teamed up with Tim Leberecht and his team to present a very unique event in Barcelona, during Mobile World Congress 2017, on Tuesday February 28, 6pm, at the House of Beautiful Business  (Casa de la Seda Sant Pere Més ...

Audio and Video of my keynote at Mercedes Benz Vans Innovation Campus in Stuttgart Sept 7, 2016: the future is already here!

Event details. Thanks to Mercedes Benz Vans for asking me to speak and for making this video available me! This was a pretty amazing event, indeed! Download the slides: mb-vans-the-future-is-already-here-gerd-leonhard-public-deck Audio-only:       Some best of-slides

My presentation at SubOptic 2016 in Dubai: the world in 2020 – the future of technology and more

Here are the slides from my talk at SubOptic in Dubai today In this keynote for SubOptic 2016, Gerd will share his 2020 foresights on technology, business and society. Exponential technological change is impacting every facet of our society, from communications and media to commerce, transportation, medical and energy. Increasingly, many ...

Meet me in Malta tonight (Economist Gala event): ‘machines will have the power of a human brain by 2025’ via the Malta Independent

A nice preview of my keynote at tonight’s event just went online at the Malta Independent. Some snippets: “By the year 2025, machines will have the same power as the human brain and in 2051 they will have the power of the entire global population. Does is sound far-fetched? It is certainly ...

Media release: meet Futurist Gerd Leonhard in Malta 1/15/2016: Economist Gala Dinner Keynote

What is the Future of Humanity in a World of Exponential Technological Change? The internationally renowned Futurist, Author and Speaker Gerd Leonhard has been confirmed as keynote speaker at The Economist’s “The World in 2016” Gala Dinner on January 15 at the Hilton Malta. Gerd Leonhard will talk about shaping the future of ...

Here are the slides from today’s Whitebull 2015 Pathways Barcelona event: investing in the future

Here are the slides as promised:)  Event details here Gerd Leonhard: Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Wired top 100 influencer : “Investing in the Future: The Key Things to Consider for the Next Five Years.” investing in the future gerd leonhard futurist keynote speaker-web 5MB PDF low res investing in the future gerd leonhard futurist keynote speaker  high res ...

Frank Diana just published a great review and summary of my recent KPMG Exec Symposium talk on Automation and Robotics

READ MORE on Frank Diana’s blog:  At a recent KPMG Robotic Innovations event, Futurist and friend Gerd Leonhard delivered a keynote titled “The Digital Transformation of Business and Society: Challenges and Opportunities by 2020”. I highly recommend viewing the Video of his presentation. As Gerd describes, he is a Futurist focused on ...

The complete video of my recent keynote on artificial intelligence (Envestnet India Trivandrum Event)

Here it is, finally! Apologies for the rather undistinguished audio quality. More about this event here.  More about AI and me here and here and some images as usual


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