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New video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in conversation with AT&T’s John Donovan (AT&T Shape LA)

John Donovan (AT&T’s Chief Strategy Officer and Group President) and me had a pretty cool chat about technology, connectivity, media, creativity and humanity – check it out below. I love John’s statement ‘…I guess it is fair to say that you are an optimist”. Indeed.  More details about the event here ...

Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over (good long read via Vanity Fair)

“But the real threat isn’t China. It’s Silicon Valley. Hollywood, in its over-reliance on franchises, has ceded the vast majority of the more stimulating content to premium networks and over-the-top services such as HBO and Showtime, and, increasingly, digital-native platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. These companies also have access ...

Fantastic slideshow on the future of media: Activate 2017 Tech / Media Outlook (Michael Wolf)

Must-review for anyone, media or not !  A treasure chest!   Digital gatekeepers will fare better than content media, analyst Michael Wolf says at WSJ tech conference Activate Tech and Media Outlook 2017 from Activate Some best-of’s:

The future of marketing: man and machine (my deck from FODM 2016 in London)

Here is my deck from today’s FODM event in London Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck  40MB high res Future of marketing man or machine FODM 2016 London futurist gerd leonhard Public deck-web 10 MB low-res Keynote:The ultimate marketer of the future – human or machine? If ...

AI Startups Are Reinventing Media (great read via Wired)

“Last year, Associated Press announced that the majority of its earnings reports will eventually be written with AI-enabled software. While the company argues it will free up reporters to do more analytical work, the question it raises is unsettling: Should we just leave it to the machines to interpret what ...

Video and slides from my presentation at PING Helsinki: the future of content, technology and humanity (updated)

This was a fantastic event at a fantastic location (Langvik near Helsinki)  Event site PING Helsinki Future Content Technology Humanity Gerd Leonhard Public-web  low res 10 MB (PDF) Future of #content – @gleonhard‘s keynote as visual notes by @saurau at the #pinghelsinki event UPDATE May 19: here is the video – thanks to ...

The Futurebots are here: IBM Watson ingests 2,000 TED Talks, now answers your deepest questions. The end of Futurists? Take the Poll.

via GIPHY Great read via Business Insider UK about IBM’s Watson ‘watching’ and understanding (?) and analysing (ok… yes) 2000+ Ted Talks. He/she/it (?) now knows everything there is about trivial questions such as What is the relationship between money and psychology?      What is the secret to happiness?  What is the meaning of ...

The evilfication of Facebook: boiling frogs, faustian bargains, and the pleasure trap: 10 arguments for quitting Facebook (UPDATED)

This post will be updated regularly as I’m deciding on what to do about my Facebook  presence.  Thanks for all your votes btw – you can see the results up to this point here or below. For now, I have decided to dial back 95% as far as my Facebook usage ...

The Future of Media / Die Zukunft der Medien: the slides from yesterday's Furtwangen event (in German)

Here they are!  GERMAN TEXT. Zukunft der Medien Gerd Leonhard Disruption Transformation Public-web  6MB PDF High res dropbox version 25 MB PDF High-lights:


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