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The Futures Agency presents: a conversation with Yuri van Geest and Gerd Leonhard: exponential organisations and the future of telcos and ICT

This is the latest ‘TFA presents’ video, #4,  featuring my friend and fellow Futures Agency member Yuri van Geest, co-author of the must-read book ‘Exponential Organisations’ and Singularity University NL ambassador, for more details see and me. We are discussing how exponential technology is changing business, and how it will drive telecom and ICT ...

▶ Must-watch: Microsoft's HoloLens Live Demonstration: how we look at reality is rapidly changing. This is big.

Wow. Mind-boggling possibilities. Why would you ever NOT want to wear this:)) This is HellVen, no doubt:)) The challenge is no longer the technology (well, some of that remains), but how it will change who we are (i.e. social, cultural, ethical). Be sure to read this review by ArsTechnica, as well. Some ...


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