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New video: artificial intelligence and the future of business and humanity. Gerd Leonhard’s Spark 2017 keynote at Capgemini 2017 CXO Forum, Pebble Beach CA

Here is the video of my entire keynote. You can download the slide deck via this link.  Download the MP4 mobile version 250MB here. Special thanks to CapGemini for making this video available!  

Anything that can be digitised or automated, will be – but anything that cannot will become extremely valuable (new gif)

    Download the .mov file: anything digitized or not useless humans vs androrithms final Read more about Androrithms (that which cannot be digitised)

Human ingenuity will be the genesis for IoT prosperity: thoughtful piece by Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne (Cisco)

Really nice piece by Cisco’s Jeanne Beliveau-Dunne, referring to my keynote at the IoT World Forum in London. We need to think big, beyond business bottom lines, to a common purpose “As business leaders, we must think beyond the fiscal bottom line and technological advances in products and services and ask ourselves, ...

New: conversations with Gerd #2 – the global brain is near (Technology vs/and Humanity)

The latest from my new series ‘conversations with Gerd‘.  Check out my new book here   Technology vs Humanity Technology vs Humanity: key messages Technology vs Humanity: Forbes Interview Technology vs Humanity: the film Technology vs Humanity: digital obesity? Technology vs Humanity: podcast with Richard Watson The Global Brain TVH Blog The Global Brain is coming ...

Digital Obesity or Analogue Anorexia? Welcome to the Future (expanded excerpt from “Technology vs Humanity”)

No escape from the data tsunami? Note: this post has been excerpted, expanded and adapted from my new book “Technology vs Humanity” (read more here, buy it on Amazon, buy singles or bulk orders from  the publisher – use discount code GL1)   The amount of information, data and media information available to us is growing ...

New podcast interview with Gerd Leonhard: Technology vs Humanity? Via Digital Mindfulness

…published a few hours ago, here. Thanks to Lawrence Ampofo. Technology vs Humanity Opening Chapter Free Read Gerd Leonhard Read the preview PDF: Technology-vs.-Humanity-Ch-1-Prologue-to-the-Future Gerd Leonhard Preview 🙂

Astonishing stats on which G20 country feels more optimistic about their future (via Twitter)

Found this on Twitter via Paul Kirby: the most saturated countries feel worst about the future?  Is that because people in China, India and Indonesia are still further away from attaining all that stuff that we, in so-called developed countries, already have?  Are they just more hungry than us, are ...

The funny things happening on the way to singularity (via TechCrunch)

Quite a statement: “Machines will be better at math, science and engineering than we will.” You can kill it with labor, or you can kill it with technology.” It’s a phrase I’ve uttered so many times in my career, I should print it on the back of my business card.  What most ...

The World in 2016: slides + video of Gerd Leonhard’s keynote on the future of business and humanity (Economist Gala 2016) UPDATED

Event Details Malta Economist Future 2016 Gerd Leonhard Public high res PDF 32 MB Malta Economist Future 2016 Gerd Leonhard Public-web Low Res 6.9 MB     A special thanks to The Economist for having me speak at this great event, and another special thanks to Godfrey Grima for some fantastic background on Malta Some best-of slides and ...

Must-watch talk on machine learning and AI: Google DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis. Will Silicon Valley be ‘Mission Control for Humanity’?

This is a brilliant talk by the founder of Deepmind, Demis Hassabis, that affords a good glimpse behind the scenes of Silicon Valley AI / Machine / Deep Learning outfits, and what people like Demis are thinking. My key concern is somewhat reflected in this image (screen-shotted from the video, below, and slightly marked-up): ...


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