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Marc Andreessen on the IoT: ‘In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it’

I tend to agree on this prediction but … would a world like this be heaven or hell – what to you think ?  Please comment below. Or read my take on the IoT here   “Andreessen is a fierce believer in the impact of this wave of software-driven sensor startups. His core thesis ...

IBM’s global C-Suite Study 2015. Key message: form your own futures squad!

IBM just published their 2015  global C-Suite study – and it points clearly in one direction: companies and their leaders are spending more time and resources on contemplating their future – and they are turning to external thought-leaders for advise. I can only confirm that – the interest in future-discovery has skyrocketed ...

Smart farming and IoT… will become the new normal (video)

Watch this! Disclosure: Cisco is a client of mine (but this post is unrelated to that fact:) Read more on my views on The Internet of Things

3 new podcasts with fellow future thinker and keynote speaker Rudy de Waele: the future of work/jobs, humanity, IoT

3 new tracks you’ll enjoy.  More about and from Rudy here and here IoT Videos by Gerd Humanity Keynotes by Gerd Direct MP3 downloads (all provided under creative commons attribution / non-commercial license)

My Internet of Things story on Wattpad: read it on your mobile!

I am investigating publishing options via WattPad – this is the first story. Read it on WattPad More IoT stuff from me and … even more  

Watch the Pepper digital assistant video from Japan: the ‘synths’ in the new AMC TV show ‘Humans’ are not far away?

Thanks to the Japanese companies Softbank and Aldebaran (and dozens of other enterprising ‘make the world a better place’ tech companies all over the world) we won’t have to actually talk to each other any more, in the future. We won’t have to remember anything, use our hands and (god forbid) actually write ...

The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution

Download the PDF version: The Internet of Things and its unintended consequences: why we should proceed with caution   Download all my other stuff via GerdCloud/Dropbox The Internet of Things (IoT) / Internet of Everything / Industrial Internet is sizzling hot. Everywhere I go people ask me about it. Almost every single event I ...

Digital transformation, big data, IoT and AI: the slides from my keynote at LocWorld 2015 in Berlin

As promised, here are the slides from today’s event in Berlin, LocWorld 2015 Digital transformation IoT AI Locworld Berlin Gerd Leonhard Keynote Public-web Everything that can be digitized and automated, will be. Software is eating the world (Andreessen). Digitization, automation, optimization, disintermediation and robotization is now happening in all industries. Digital transformation — going from an ...

Video and slides: my presentation from today's CEO Clubs Greece event in Athens: digital transformation, and the future of Europe and… Greece

Great event here in Athens today! Really amazing to see that much optimism and openness despite all the really tough issues, here in Greece, right now. Link to event details (PDF) Update: here’s the video This is the key slide I just added, in retrospect:) Athens CEO Clubs Greece Gerd Leonhard Public nP-web 6MB ...

The future of work and jobs: a short overview of the key issues, illustrations, stats and videos

The future of work and jobs has become a major topic for me. It is abundantly clear that the exponential digitisation, optimization, automation, virtualisation and robotisation (phew!) of society will result in a huge number of job losses around the globe, first in blue-collar jobs and then in white-collar jobs ...


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