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New video: artificial intelligence and the future of business and humanity. Gerd Leonhard’s Spark 2017 keynote at Capgemini 2017 CXO Forum, Pebble Beach CA

Here is the video of my entire keynote. You can download the slide deck via this link.  Download the MP4 mobile version 250MB here. Special thanks to CapGemini for making this video available!  

Slide-deck from my presentation at Mayo Clinic Rochester: 2017 Rewoldt Lecture: the future of technology and democracy

Here it is – big thanks to the Rewoldt family for supporting this event, and to the Mayo Clinic for bringing me here! mayo clinic gerd leonhard rewoldt lecture technology democracy the future PUBLIC low res  17MB PDF  

New: conversations with Gerd #2 – the global brain is near (Technology vs/and Humanity)

The latest from my new series ‘conversations with Gerd‘.  Check out my new book here   Technology vs Humanity Technology vs Humanity: key messages Technology vs Humanity: Forbes Interview Technology vs Humanity: the film Technology vs Humanity: digital obesity? Technology vs Humanity: podcast with Richard Watson The Global Brain TVH Blog The Global Brain is coming ...

My open letter to the ‘Partnership on AI to benefit people and society’ (Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, MSFT) just went online at Wired UK

Read it here and please spread the word ! Dear Francesca, Eric, Mustafa, Yann, Ralf, Demis and others at IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon. The Partnership on AI to benefit people and society is a welcome change from the usual celebration of disruption and magic technological progress. I hope it will also usher in ...

My new book “Technology vs Humanity” is now available for pre-reading and pre-ordering!

This is a big day – after 18 months of intense writing and crafting, my new book is finally ready to be published on September 8, 2016. I have teamed up with fellow futurist Rohit Talwar’s new publishing company Fast Future Publishing and today I am delighted to announce the availability ...

Some Buckminster Fuller Bottom Lines (via BrainPickings)

Buckminster Fuller was a very wise man. Read these quotes. “Fuller then moves on to the vital distinction between money-work and purpose, debunking the myth of the zero-sum game of prosperity: It is also mistakenly assumed that employment is the only means by which humans can earn the right to live, for ...

We need to go beyond the focus on STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) towards HECI (humanity, ethics, creativity, imagination)

… an important realisation that recently dawned on my.    What will our schools, colleges and universities do about this? Watch this short video (newly edited) on what I call HUMARITHM and for context:

Nice and simple explanation of the Circular Economy

… which is rapidly becoming a big part of my ‘future of business’ storytelling. Read more at Wikipedia. Related… system thinking and the IoT Image via MetroVancouver

Tribeca Film Festival’s Cara Cusumano urges film industry to forget piracy, embrace internet (I kinda said that before so… good to hear it elsewhere:)

Read the entire post via – there are a lot of good nuggets in here. Thanks Cara.  Here are some excerpts: “Piracy is less about people not wanting to pay and more about just wanting the immediacy – people saying, ‘I want to watch Spiderman right now’ and downloading it,” she ...


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