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Here is my slide-deck from RethinkFood 2017, keynote at the Culinary Institute in Napa: technology, humanity and the future of food

…that was a great event!  You can watch the webcast archives here, soon. rethinkfood culinary institute gerd leonhard futurist technology vs humanity PUBLIC low res Some best-of scenes from my slide-deck:

Five new human rights for the Digital Age (excerpt from Gerd Leonhard’s book Technology vs Humanity)

This is a slightly modified and hyper-linked excerpt from my new book ‘Technology vs Humanity’. Find out more about  ‘Technology vs Humanity’, check out the reviews, read the cheat sheet, or buy the book on Amazon. (Page 140 in my book) Here are some core human rights that I humbly suggest might form part of what I ...

Join us for The Great Debate on Technology and Humanity during MWC Barcelona February 28 2017

I am very excited to announce that me and my company, The Futures Agency, has teamed up with Tim Leberecht and his team to present a very unique event in Barcelona, during Mobile World Congress 2017, on Tuesday February 28, 6pm, at the House of Beautiful Business  (Casa de la Seda Sant Pere Més ...

Digital Obesity or Analogue Anorexia? Welcome to the Future (expanded excerpt from “Technology vs Humanity”)

No escape from the data tsunami? Note: this post has been excerpted, expanded and adapted from my new book “Technology vs Humanity” (read more here, buy it on Amazon, buy singles or bulk orders from  the publisher – use discount code GL1)   The amount of information, data and media information available to us is growing ...

Best quotes from: Computers, the Internet, and the Abdication of Consciousness (Stephen Talbott, 1995!)

Crossposted via  Via the Nature Institute   be sure to read Stephen’s 1995 (!) book  (online, free, or via Amazon).  I am currently working translating his views into 2016… stay tuned! “Can human ideals survive the Internet? His reply is only if we arouse ourselves to responsible consciousness” “[T]oday the needful work is to distinguish ...

Astonishing stats on which G20 country feels more optimistic about their future (via Twitter)

Found this on Twitter via Paul Kirby: the most saturated countries feel worst about the future?  Is that because people in China, India and Indonesia are still further away from attaining all that stuff that we, in so-called developed countries, already have?  Are they just more hungry than us, are ...

Artificial Intelligence Is Far From Matching Humans, Panel Says…BUT (via NYT)

“Kate Crawford, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research, called on the industry to add ethics to the professional training of engineers. “We need to start changing the skill set of the people who are going to be the data scientists of the future and the A.I. creators of the future,” ...

In Pop Culture, the Future Is Almost Now – good point on science fiction movies

“Many new works of science fiction seem to represent a strain of pre-apocalyptic cinema, characterized by a willingness to dramatize disasters that are less hypothetical than poised to happen.” In Pop Culture, the Future Is Almost Now Instapaper ...

If Something Is Going To Destroy Humanity, It’s Going To Be One Of These Catastrophes

“As new gene editing techniques such as CRISPR make it simpler and cheaper to change organisms, there’s more of a risk of accidental release of lethal diseases from labs, or intentional release by terrorists.” If Something Is Going To Destroy Humanity, It’s Going To Be One Of These Catastrophes Instapaper


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