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Audio podcast of Radio New Zealand interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard: the opportunities and friction of ultra-fast broadband (and the future of paid content)

This short interview on my last trip to Auckland was fun – check it out. The interviewer is Kathryn Ryan (and she really knows her stuff!). Thanks for having me, Kathryn. Ntn-Gerd Leonhard Interview Radio New Zealand From Nine To Noon on Tuesday 21 ...

Attention is the new Currency (and Data is the new Oil)

I wrote the first part (about attention) in my blog-book "The End of Control" in 2007 – and it's becoming even more true, today, so I figured I would collate some of my 2007 writings on this, below. The 2nd part (Data is the new Oil) is more recent but ...

Chapter 5: Giving up Control at the New York Times

Image by  via CrunchBase A Blueprint for Media? On September 19, 2007, the New York Times Company announced it was shutting down its subscription offering, TimesSelect, exactly two years after the premium service launched, opening access to all news and editorial columnists. At the same time, much of the NYT’s archives — ...

Chapter 4: The Flat Rate for Digital Music

From Controlling Distribution to Deserving Attention Note: In this chapter I focus on the benefits of flat rates for music; I will address other media industries later in this book. The music industry makes a great case study as far as relentless obsession with control is concerned: Despite a ...

Chapter 3: RSS, the Google Reader, and the End of Controlling the Flow

Sidebar: RSS 101 RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a simple and popular way of receiving automated updates (called feeds) of news and information from blogs and other sources on the web. Once you subscribe (i.e., add the feed to your reader) new content will be send to you automatically. It’s the ...


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